About me

Current affiliation

I am currently an associate professor at the Department of Communication, Yonsei University, Seoul, South Korea.

Previously, I was an assistant professor at Kookmin University, South Korea, and was an Universitätsassistent, post-doc in the Department of Communication at the University of Vienna, working with Univ.-Prof. Dr. Hajo Boomgaarden, Professor for Empirical Social Science Methods with a Focus on Text Analysis. I was also a member of Vienna Computational Communication Science Lab and still remain affliated with the team.

Current research

My current research is focused on the role of interpersonal political discussion network and its effect on political behaviors, including voters' attitudes and their electoral engagements. On the other side, also working on computational methods and advanced quantitative analysis, including linear conditional modeling, multilevel modeling, and statistical inferences of network data (ERGM / SABM).

A printable version of my CV can be found here, and here is my Google scholar profile.


2011 - May 2015

Ph.D in Communication. The Ohio State University, School of Communication

Advisor: Dr. William Paul Eveland, Jr.
Committee: Dr. Michael A. Neblo, Dr. Neha Gondal, and Dr. Robert M. Bond
Dissertation: A dynamic longitudinal examination of social networks and political behavior: The moderating effect of cohesive network structure and its implication for social influence processes.

2009 - 2011

M.A. in Communication. Yonsei University, Graduate School of Communication & Arts

2002 - 2009

B.A. in Communication. Yonsei University, Department of Communication

Research interest

Political behaviors: informal political discussion and its impact, political knowledge and attitudes, electoral behaviors, social media and political engagement, social psychological process of mediated / interpersonal message and its impacts on political behaviors.
Advanced quantitiave research methods: Computational methods, including social network analysis, topic modeling, statistical inference in cross-sectional and longitudinal social networks (ERGM, TERGM, and SAOM), linear conditional process and structural equation modeling (R, Mplus and PROCESS), multilevel analysis (HLM, Mplus, and R), big data analytics (R)